What is SEO?

    • Search Engine Optimisation is the process of making your website appear in Google (and other search engines).

It is common for SEO to take months to start showing results, but once it does, the effects can last for years and years.

Local SEO

  • Local business targeting local users.
  • For example: a user might search for ‘electrician geelong’ – in this case, your target customer is located in Geelong and is looking for an electrician

National SEO

  • Local or national business targeting national users.
  • For example: an e-commerce store. A user might search for ‘blue t-shirts’ – in this case, your target customer could be anywhere in the country.

How can your business benefit from SEO?

How would you like 100 users coming to your website who are actively looking for your products or services? How about 200? Or 300? This is all possible with SEO. And the best part is, there is no ongoing cost to get each user to your website.

SEO is the single most cost effective way to attract new leads to your business.

What is GravIT’s process?

  • 1

    Understand Your Business

    What are your core products or services on offer. Are you targeting B2C or B2B customers? They are both very different. What is your customer lifetime value? Will customers purchase once, or over and over?

  • 2

    Understand Your Customers

    Who are the customers you are targeting, what geographical location are they in.  Using the Google Keyword Planner, we will discover how your ideal customers are looking for you. For example: what keywords are they using in Google.


  • 3


    Every business is in a different industry and has different characteristics, therefore they need to have a tailored SEO strategy. After gaining an understanding of your business and customers, our team will develop a 6 month SEO strategy plan. This will include monthly milestones to ensure everything is on track.

  • 4


    At GravIT, we only use white-hat SEO techniques. That means we follow all of Google’s rules. This means that making your website show up in the search results does take longer, but they should stay there forever once they do. Many SEO agencies use black-hat methods, which break Google’s rules, and once they find out, they will blacklist your website, causing you to lose all your new business overnight. This can be devastating for small businesses, and why we only use white hat methods.


  • 5


    We live by the mantra of ‘what gets measured gets managed’ – so each month, we will closely monitor how your website is performing. This includes number of visitors, inquiries and identifying any possible problems or new opportunities that become apparent.

We’ll work to get you as high in the search results on page one that as possible within your budget!