Your IT infrastructure includes all of the hardware, software, network resources and services required for the existence, operation and management of your business.  In this day and age your IT infrastructure is vital to the day to day operation of your business.  We understand the importance of ensuring your IT infrastructure is reliable and sufficient for your business’ needs.  We can help you from the initial selection of your  hardware and software, the installation and ongoing maintenance and support.

If there is an issue we’ll be there to help resolve it.

  • Networks

    In this day and age communication is a key part to any business; GravIT can get you connected!  We can assist with Wireless Networks (WIFI), Secure Firewalls, Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

  • Servers

    We continually update our components as technology advances to ensure your machine is utilising the most up to date technology available. Our implementation process is well maintained and we provide onsite support throughout to ensure your operations are as stable as possible.

  • Software

    We can help you select and install your software.  We specialise in Microsoft Office 365.

  • Workstations

    We build your PC on our premises. We can tailor our solutions to match your requirements and enhance components as you require. Need a larger hard drive? Want a special graphics card? We will integrate it for you. Because we build our PCs here – we can also repair our PCs on our premises – and not have your PC sent interstate to honour your warranty. In this way you have the security of knowing that all your data is protected.

  • Laptops

    Need the power of a desktop but the convenience of a laptop?  We can spec and create the right laptop for you to ensure it meets all your processing needs.

  • Mobile Devices

    We can help you select and connect your mobile devices to keep all of your employees productive even when they aren’t in the office.

  • Wireless Devices

    From printers to storage, we can help you select the wireless devices that will benefit your business.

Opening the Lines of Communication


Digital communication is an essential part of any modern-day business and GravIT specialise in the installation of secure, fast and efficient communications networks.

We will install lightening-fast wire networks, secure wireless hotspots and dedicated firewalls to protect your business from cyber attacks.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Using Virtual Private Network technology enables you and your workers to have secure access to your office local network without being on-site. This means workers can work form anywhere they may be – from home, a cafe, anywhere with internet access.

This means your employees can telecommute rather than driving to your place of work every day – resulting in an increase of productivity and efficiency.