Web Services

GravIT provides a diverse range of web services to suit any businesses needs.   Everything you need to complete your online presence – from website builds and hosting through to domain names and SSL certificates.

  • Web Hosting Packages

    GravIT provide a diverse range of web hosting packages to suit any businesses needs. Hosted in our Melbourne-Based datacentre, your websites will be served with the best possible speed and have the best possible uptime.

    We also provide email-only hosting packages, web-based FTP storage and a range of secure SSL certificates.

  • Custom Website Design

    GravIT have a lineage of web design, creating diverse websites for education, finance, corporate bodies and more. Our designs range from the serious, straight-to-the-point information pages to playful, fun designs made to catch the eye of your customers.

    See our gallery below to view some of our previous designs.

    When it comes to creating web applications, GravIT have the means and experience to develop anything from small custom web forms to complex ordering systems, payment gateways and e-commerce solutions. We work with proven server and client technologies to deliver the smoothest experience possible to our clients. These include industry standards such as PHP, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3.

    We create stand-alone applications, as well as plugins to extend the functionality of existing systems.

  • SSL Certificates

    Having SSL on your website allows your website visitors to have confidence that their interaction with your website is authentic and safe.  SSL can also improve your Google search results ranking.

  • SEO

    Make sure your site can be found by Google.