WordPress Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance or troubleshooting. 
We are here to help.

WordPress Maintenance and Support

Your website is your most important marketing tool for your business.  You want to ensure it is online and secure.

Ongoing Maintenance

Do I Need to Update My Website?


Keeping your WordPress website updated is extremely important.  Not updating can lead to site malfunctions and even compromise the security of your website.

Most WordPress website hacks are a result of out of date WordPress, themes or plugins!

The various components of WordPress are changing faster that ever, to keep up with changing functionality and security.  As such, WordPress updates need to be ongoing and done a regular basis.

When we perform maintenance on a website, all themes, plugins & WordPress itself are updated to keep your site in top condition. Unfortunately, like with any program changes, an update may not play well with others. This could be due to a variety of things such as plugin and theme conflicts or programming errors. Have no worries! We take care of these issues for you.


Help – there’s an error on my Website!

Having an issue on your website?

If your website is offline or not functioning correctly it can negatively impact your business.  It’s important to get any issues resolved quickly.

As we own and maintain our own hosting environment we have experience in all levels of your website.  We can determine if the issues are within the website or within the hosting environment.

We can assist you in resolving the problem.  We can deal with issues on a per instance basis at our hourly rate.

So if your website is offline or is not functioning as expected, just get in touch and let us help.